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Informing University of participation in MAB

18 May 2023 | 0 comments

1: You do not need to notify anyone in advance that you are participating in the MAB, (whether your participation is continuously or for a single day).

2: If you are asked to confirm your participation in advance, you can simply say that you have not decided yet/are under no legal obligation to answer the question.  If you are harassed to confirm your participation in advance, you should advise that you will be contacting your UCU rep as matter of urgency, and do so.

3: You are only required to notify the University of your participation after action. After your participation, you should send an email to HR to advise the days that you participated. You can do this on a daily or weekly basis throughout the period of the boycott. When you report your previous participation in the boycott, you should make it clear that the University should not assume your previous participation implies future participation and say you will notify them after the event of any further days participation. If you are asked to confirm you participated after action, you must answer truthfully.

4: You do not need to provide any more notification of your participation.  This includes not giving notification of participation on the day of action unless you are specifically questioned about whether you are participating on that day, in which case you should answer truthfully.

5: UW have made it clear that if you. are participating in the MAB, you are not expected to be at work and/or do any work, as you will not be paid for this.  Therefore, you are not required to send or respond to work emails while participating in the MAB, and this includes sending emails regarding your participation in action. Any work you do carry out while participating in the boycott may be regarded by the university as voluntary and they may refuse to pay you for it. However, If you choose to carry out any work while engaged in the boycott you should keep a careful note of which work tasks you undertook and how long they took you to complete and whether you were doing this at the request/with the knowledge of your manager/the University.. You should also keep a careful note of any work your manager/the university asks you to do during the period pf the boycott as it will be useful evidence that the University did accept partial performance despite their stated position of not accepting it.

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