Motion Condemning 100% pay threats

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The Worcester branch passed a motion strongly condemning the University’s stance on 100% pay deductions for participation in Marking and Assessment Boycotts at a general meeting on the 26th April.

The Worcester University branch of the Universities and Colleges Union strongly condemns the response by the management of this university to the legally mandated industrial action proposed by the union. We believe that the threat of 100% pay deduction for ‘partial performance’ is disproportionate, unnecessarily punitive, and morally questionable.

We believe that in a functioning democracy the rights of employees to be part of a trade union and to take part in legal, democratically mandated industrial action is an important and fundamental right. The threat of 100% pay deduction amounts to a direct attack on these rights, causing significant and unnecessary stress and anxiety for members of the union, who are expected to take part in nationally mandated action.

We note that Worcester University is amongst a minority of universities that have chosen such a response. We are particularly disappointed that our university which claims to value its staff should choose this exceptionally confrontational position.

This has been sent to the Vice Chancellors office and to the board of governers. members are also encouraged to share this on social media.

The UCU has lots of other resources and suggestion for action on this page:




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