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Notifying the university of your participation in MAB

by | 18 May 2023 | 0 comments

The university has stated that staff must inform them as soon as they commence participation in the Marking and Assessment Boycott. However this is at odds with the advice from the union.

Following advice from the regional office specific advice for staff at Worcester has been produced. You can read the full advice here.

In summary you DO NOT need to inform the university of your participation until you return to work. If you are asked you should answer truthfully, but as you have been told not to work as you will not be payed you cannot reasonably be expected to monitor or respond to work messages.

Worcester is Exceptional
Worcester University is in the minority of universities taking such a hard line and withholding 100% of pay. Many of the other universities which started with a policy like this have subsequently re-considered and either reduced or removed the threat. Others are nominally removing 100% of pay but then giving ex gratia payment to make up for up to 75% of lost pay.


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